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The Berlin Wall Sala Castellana 214
Fundación Canal Madrid
An exhibition about
the greatest symbol
of division in history
An exhibition about the greatest symbol of division in history
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"The Berlin Wall: A Divided World" narrates the history of this iconic structure born in the midst of the Cold War, a worldwide struggle between capitalism and communism that nearly plunged the world into nuclear devastation. This unique exhibition, featuring over 300 original items and firsthand accounts from residents on both sides of the Wall, offers a compelling insight into the realities of living in a divided city.

Learn more about the exhibition, collections, curatorial team, and the history of the Berlin Wall here.

  • Over 300
    original objects
  • Audioguide
  • 90 minutes
    of experience

What users say about the exhibition

  • José S.

    A magnificent and awe-inspiring exhibition. Very comprehensive.

  • Sandra Li G.

    A highly commendable exhibition that led me to realize I didn't need to visit Germany to delve deeper into the history of the Berlin Wall.

  • Sabrina F.

    An excellent exhibition. Highly recommended for history enthusiasts. It maintains engagement and proves to be quite captivating.

  • Saúl B.

    A spectacular exhibition, strongly recommended.

  • Rosario M.

    A history lesson encouraging citizens to appreciate democracy, freedom, and human rights, thus preventing the unjust and shameful erection of more walls and borders.

What the media say


    A perfect event for all those passionate about History and Culture.

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    One of the best exhibitions you can visit right now in Madrid.

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    The historical explanations are very accessible and the objects on display transport you to the broken city. Most impressive are the testimonies of ordinary Berliners.

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    A spectacular exhibition full of everyday objects and testimonies which tell narratives of day-to-day life, resistance and escape, often punished with death, on each side of the Wall.

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    A plan for the whole family to learn about one of the milestones of history, when the divided city of Berlin was separated by a wall during the Cold War.

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    The Berlin Wall. A World Divided is an exciting exhibition, especially if you're a History buff! The exhibit revisits this pivotal moment in history and recounts its events up to the present day. You will learn how the daily lives of those who lived through it were affected.

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    This wonderful exhibition in Madrid tells the story of one of the greatest symbols of division in history as a global conflict between two systems, communism and capitalism, which brought the planet to the brink of nuclear destruction.

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  • Information

    From November 9, 2023

    Opening Hours
    Monday to Sunday
    10 a.m.–8 p.m.
    (hall closes at 10 p.m.)
    Closed on Tuesdays

    120-150 minutes

    Age requirement
    All ages welcome

    This experience is accessible to people with reduced mobility

    All tickets include audio guide in Spanish and English

    Starting at €12.60

    Minimum price every Monday for Visitor Day

    School groups

  • How to get there

    Fundación Canal - Sala Castellana 214
    Paseo de la Castellana 214,
    Madrid, España 28046
    • Metro: Plaza Castilla - L1, L9, L10
    • Cercanías: C1 / C10 / C2 / C7 / C8
    • Bus: 147, 27, 5, 124, 149, 49, 66, 107, 129


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The Berlin Wall. A World Divided will trace the escalation of this conflict by showcasing the experiences lived on each side of the wall, with over 300 original objects, videos, and testimonies from direct witnesses of Berlin divided in the context of the Cold War.

Fundación Canal
Sala de exposiciones Castellana 214
Paseo de la Castellana, 214
28038 Madrid